Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment

Choose your own

conscious moment
Conscious Moments - Personal consultancy
Psychotherapy sessions
Psychotherapeutic session involves a study of your life situation. The goal is to help you establish a contact with yourself, get a better understanding of yourself, your feelings and desires as well as to find the resource that helps only you in the future to cope with problems independently and move through life confidently.
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Conscious Moments - Yoga, Tantra and Meditation.jpg
Mindfulness exercises aim to improve your concentration, awareness of emotions, stop your obsessive and negative thoughts, increase the ability to overcome stress and help to focus on the present moment. Develop a better connection with your inner self and people around.
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Conscious Moments - Workshops and Retreats
For years people can have destructive relationship and live not their own life, have unconscious life scenarios, constantly repeat mistakes or waste energy on unnecessary moments in their life. Participate in "conscious moments" events and increase your self-awareness, see the wider perspective on your own life and meet new wonderful people.
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Conscious Moments


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    • Wojciech Jurojc Conscious Moments
      Lana helped me a lot. I had a problem with anger management and her sessions helped me to solve the issue. Previously, small things used to drive me crazy. She showed me different techniques of calming down and special breathing technics. What is more thanks to her I pay more attention to the spiritual matters like soul or meditation. It is a revolutionary change for me. Thank you very much! I recommend strongly!
      Wojciech Jurojc
    • Valeria Bogacheva - Conscious Moments
      During the workshop connected with the female sexuality I received a powerful charge of loving energy and tenderness. I started to feel more intense that I have a sensual body that can give and receive love. Unfortunately, by that time I felt myself hard like a crust. In addition, I learned interesting information about the differences between male and female sexuality. I want to participate in similar events in future, I feel that I need it!
      Valeria Bogacheva
    • Olga Potapova - Conscious Moments
      I was several times on Lana’s workshops and it was really cool. We had a very relaxing atmosphere and I had a lot of fun. It was interesting to meet new people and spend a quality time together. I like that meetings are not just about some dry theory but you can really practice and get inspired to improve something in your life. The atmosphere was really open, cozy and spiritual and I learned a lot...
      Olga Potapova