Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Conscious Moments


My Dear Friend

My name is Lana. I offer psychotherapy sessions and organize conscious events.

Welcome to a place where you can choose your own conscious moment, whether it is a private psychotherapy session, tantra or yoga advice, conscious event somewhere around the world or an article which you can read and just get inspired.

I have created this project because I am passionate about the consciousness  and every day I am trying to develop myself by implementing different psychological and spiritual knowledge into my daily routine. I am also exited about teaching and helping people to do the same and improve step by step their quality of life. I know that our life can be very vogue, stressful and unpredictable and we all need to have a guidance and support on one or another moment of our life. My goal is to guide you through your life and help you to be more self-aware and therefore more happy and joyful.

I started my spiritual journey many years ago when joined yoga and meditation classes approximately 13 years. I really had a lot of questions about my life, my path, my dreams, goals and fears.  Since I was a teenager I felt a strong pressure from the society that surely influenced my path, desire to live abroad, meet new exiting people, try to find myself. For many years, I have been getting my knowledge in psychology, sexology, tantra and yoga and met teachers who transformed me deeply and profoundly. I would like to share with you my knowlege and personal experience that might help you to overcome many of your life difficulties, bring you more light, inspiration and practical advice. I hope you will find a lot of useful information here!

Please contact me for more details.