Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Conscious moments project
Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment

When you create your own project it takes time and a lot of energy. I think it's like having a baby. You would like your project to be the most beautiful, smart, successful, healthy and not disappoint you in public.

Sometime ago I decided that I really want to be a freelancer, change my life and do something which I love. In fact, for many years I was resisting my deep interest in psychology and dreams that I can plan and organize workshops and retreats connected with the conscious lifestyle. Thanks to my husband and different life situations I decided to change my life and believe more in my dreams and myself. I created the name for my project which is the "Conscious moments".

The idea is that on my page people can chose the “Conscious moment” which they like. It can be the personal consultancy, article that they just read and learn something new, book retreat or a workshopo if a person wants to improve the quality of life, have a personal development and improve the communication with other people.

When the body of the project was created I started to think about the important details which make the brand real. Many years ago I took a course in PR at my university, but surely I didn't remember anything. When you start your own project you also talk with smart people who tell - how logo, home page, instagram, promotion, marketing, key words and "blah blah" are important for your business and your head just explodes.

Truth to be told for me the practical part is not the easiest one but I think when you finish something on your own and you really like - it’s just awesome. The energy is in the action and not in your reflections and doubts. Someone can tell you everything what you do is worthless and stupid but the most important you believe in yourself and your "baby". The most important you follow your heart and your body will implement it to be real.

The idea behind my logo was to show that people are like fish - free and powerful and always looking for something. People are strong but often forget about their power. Lotus is a symbol of consciousness and something more in life than just a car, fancy clothes and gudgets. Something what makes you fulfilled and happy.

You can see different examples of my logo which I didn't like below. I love my final version which you see on the top of every page. For me it looks like a mandala, chackra and a tail of fish looks a bit like hands which carefully hold the lotus. I think it looks artistic, symbolic and nice. I hope you like it as well.

Conscious Moments Project