Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Mindfulness workshops for groups

Hey friend!

The photos you see in this articles are from different workshops. You can see from my profile, that I love a holistic approach when it comes to personal development. I organise both trainings for groups, which are only therapeutic and the different segment are well-being workshops, based on mindfulness and psychological knowledge.

every workshop is like a journeys into the inner life that pulses from deep within you, calling you, reminding you who you are. 

Workshops help you to develop self-love and accept yourself as a whole. This is not about running away from yourself, but about getting closer.

Please read just few simple mindfulness techniques for your inspiration below:

When you're doing something, just do that one thing and focus on the present moment.

If you feel fear ever, don't try to let it go. Breathe it in and love it like it was a part of you. You'll be surprised that the more you allow yourself to sit with fear, the more it will naturally dissipate.

Go an entire day without judging or criticizing yourself or other people.

Create a sacred space in your home. One that you can go to whenever you need to pray, meditate, think.

Forgive others