Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Meditation session for Flow

Hey friend!

You know from my BIO that I provide not only individual sessions, but also organize different well-being events and gestalt coaching for companies. In the photo you can see the meeting that was held in the Alchemia business center in Gdansk for members of the women's club “Flow”. I really want to thank Dominica Rossa for letting me be a part of that beautiful morning meditation session.

I always very happy with such meetings, as I like observing positive changes that participants have, even over a short period of time. When, after several practices, a smile appears on faces and the eyes begin to shine. People are very different and for one person some techniques may not work at all, while another person may have a “consciousness revolution” in 20 minutes. In fact it’s very personal and also depends how fast a person can open up. 

With the girls from Flow, we did several mindfulnes practices that are supposed to help to relax, put your nerves in order and feel a great connection with yourself and others. These techniques, on a regular basis, help to relieve stress, clear yourself of negative emotions, work with the low motivation, and other difficulties that employees may face. Especially in a pandemic, when many employees work at home and this can be too difficult psychologically.

What work do I do for employees and organizations:

1. Method of working with mandala. Mandala helps to sort out various problems of employees and managers in the professional field. Work can be aimed at resolving conflicts, low employee motivation, fears in the field of career growth, and many others.

2. Working with polarities. This method of work is also used by Gestaltists in the professional field. Sometimes an employee lives only going to extremes and does not see possible options for action that lie between these extremes (polarities). In the process of work, you can use a completely new angle on the situation and see many options for solutions that an employee may not notice at all for a long time.

3. Growth method. This is a great method for setting goals for employees and the company as a whole. The GROWTH model (or process) is a simple method for goal setting and problem solving. It was developed in the United Kingdom and has been used extensively in corporate coaching since the late 1980s and 1990s. When you work with this method, you focus on the following aspects: goals, obstacles, reality, options, way forward.

It is always necessary to choose an aiming method of work depending on the situation that exists in the company.

There are many different working methods that can be used in a professional environment. For example, the method of working with the Ginger pictogram, psychodramatic studies, working with metaphors, and so on. These methods can significantly improve the organizational climate, individually solve many problems of employees and managers, and much more.

If your company has problems and you need help and in-depth knowledge to solve them, contact me for help.

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