Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć


We live in a world of distractors, overload of information, fast pace of life, quick decisions and endless possibilities that our brain has to cover every day. There is no time to pause! Imagine that out of the 10,000 generations of people who have lived on earth since our species appeared in East Africa, only 3 generations had access to telephones, computers and air travel. Guess how many generations do not know the world without smartphones, Facebook and the Internet? Exactly: One.

Nowadays, a person processes about 200 newspapers per day in terms of information in one day (data from 2011). and in my free time, about 100,000 words, or 34 GB of information ... (Daily Telegrpah)

Such a curiosity. One of the most sophisticated ancient Chinese tortures was the cutting off of a condemned man's eyelids. A man who could not close his eyes and received stimuli from the outside world 24 hours a day soon fell ill and died. Scientists compare modern humans to these Chinese convicts: the amount of stimuli and information we absorb every day begins to exceed our body's adaptive capacity. It's hard to be mindful in such a world and focus on the here and now, take a pause.

Why practice mindfulness is important?

First of all, Mindfulness directs us to a particular type of attention - conscious, non-judgmental, focused on the moment, and relaxing the body and mind. Then we can free ourselves from the racing of thoughts, from being stuck in what is behind us and what is ahead, which disturbs our internal emotional balance and can lead to anxiety or depressive disorders. It has been studied that being "here and now" is associated with the creation of a positive effect and emotional well-being in us.

When we are attentive, aware of what happens to us every day, our feelings, it primarily reduces the risk of burnout, we have a larger protective umbrella against stress, our immune system is more resistant, we are healthier and, above all, we feel happier. Our level of the happiness hormone (serotonin) is on a higher level.

If we constantly focus on the future and past we increase a possibility of stress and burnout. The most common problems  states of employees.

There are many different working methods that can help employees to avoid stress and burnout, be more calm, relaxed and focused. These methods can significantly improve not only the state of mind of one employee but in general the organizational climate, individually solve many problems of employees and managers, and much more.

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