Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć
Responsibilty and freedome

 I would like to share my thoughts about the connection of freedom and responsibility. 

People often prefer blame others in their life difficulties. There are many ways how you can blame someone. You can complain that someone doesn't understand you, that life is difficult because your childhood was far from being easy or your parents were poor or not attentive.

Responsibilty and freedome

In general it’s not a problem until it stops you from being more happy or satisfy your needs. When you blame someone you kind of talking the responsibility from yourself and it limits you and your choice.

It can be difficult to change your past and people around. You might spend so much energy to explain people how they need to treat you, blame people around, the society and your fate. 

You can’t really influence so much other people, you don’t know how they would react next minute. It’s sad from the existential point of you because you can't control much in this life but if you take the responsibility on yourself you become more independent. You can definitely being in charge of your feelings and choices.

Responsibilty and freedome

If you say and acknowledge your own feelings in that exact second and identify yourself with every part of yours,  it can release some of your inner frustration. You might start hearing your deeper impulses, your hidden desires, understand better your needs, being more free in your choices. If you ask yourself what is my responsibility in the situation what happened and how I influenced that?

Let’s say someone accuse or devalue you. Instead of blaming someone for that and focus your attention on the situation, focus more on your inner processes. In fact it’s your choice if you start devalue yourself as well or see it as someone else projection. Surely the projection of that person might be creative and have some truth in it but you decide if that is something what you also feel about yourself . In the process of devaluation is always 2 people and it's your responsibility to evaluate what people tell you.

Another example could be your frustration which you keep inside and decide not share with anyone and then suddenly you experience headache, allergy or other psychosomatics.

You can tell yourself that it was your choice to keep inside these feelings and it is you who cost  that pain. you shouldn't blame yourself but rather see how you can influence your body. It could also be the anger which you keep for a long time inside and in one sunny day explode it all on others and feel guilty or experience other feelings. Definitely you can unconsciously keep your frustration inside but if you focus more on your inner world and being responsible for your feelings and choices it will help to avoid diseases and and curiosities in life.

Responsibilty and freedome

You might even see that it’s you provoke and attract a lot of bad situation to you life. You can see yourself having destructive patterns and not pleasant life scenarios. When you see it the change would come more natural and I think you might feel yourself more grounded, strong and stabile mentally.

Peace out.