Conscious Moments - Choose your own conscious moment


by Lana Jurojć



It's not a secret that over the years, the intensity of your sexual relationship goes away. Lovers might no longer have the initial passion for each other. It is not a secret that the level of sexual energy can be significantly decreased after several years of living with the partner, especially if the couple has children, intensive work and other responsibilities which can take a lot of energy and influence the sexual attraction. If a couple would like to keep the connection and sexual attraction it is necessary to think about maintaining sexual interest to each other. 

Thus, there are various techniques that come to us from tantra and can really help us to maintain our sexual energy and improve relationships with the partner and yourself. Tantra is about loving your body, conscious sexual interaction, tactile tenderness and affection, about feeling yourself and your partner, about merging with the higher self and consciousness.

Tantra is not only about relationship with the partner, but also about loving yourself and your body, raising your sexual energy and its sublimation and transmutation. The tantric approach suggests that polarity in a couple relationship is not just important, but rather the fundamental phenomenon which makes love, intensity and passion between loved ones become more refined and multidimensional each year.

At another point this will allow such a couple to achieve incredible transformations in different levels - starting with the physical and social and ending with the highest, spiritual level.

Conscious moments project holds events that contribute to the internal harmonization and healing of the body. Tantra has a strong connection with being conscious in all the levels, including the conscious use of your sexual energy.